History of dating in 1818

Large numbers of white settlers did not arrive in the area until the late 1820s as access to the Great Lakes Plaines became easier due to the opening of the Erie Canal in New York.In 1816, Congress decided to construct the Illinois and Michigan Shipping Canal to facilitate greater non-Indian settlement.The coming of concrete as a building material, however, spelled the decline of quarrying and Romeoville's importance was greatly diminished, for stone was Romeoville's most famous export.The first non-native American men to travel through the Romeoville area were probably the French geographer Louis Jolliet and the Jesuit Missionary Father Jacques Marquette who explored the region in 1673.The Village of Romeoville is located on the Des Plaines River (named by the French for the maple trees found along its banks) in the southeastern corner of Du Page Township (named in honor of Du Pazhe, a French hunter and trapper, who at the beginning of the nineteenth century settled at the junction of the east and west branches of the river that now bears his name) and the northwestern corner of Lockport Township (named for the community which was established in 1837 just east of the site of the first look of the Illinois and Michigan Canal) in the northeastern part of Will County (named in honor of Dr.Conrad Will, a pioneer southern Illinois politician, member of the first Constitutional Convention of 1818, and a member of the Illinois legislature from 1818 until, his death in 1835) and in the northeastern part of the State of Illinois (named in honor of the Illini Indian tribes who lived in the region before the non-Indian settlers arrived).

A majority of the workers were immigrants from Ireland. From the Middle Ages up to the beginning of the 19th century Bavaria was a powerful and mighty Dukedom first under the reign of the Guelph dynasty and subsequently under the Wittelsbachs.Cities such as Regensburg developed into spiritual and economic centres of European importance.After the Thirty Years’ War the Electorate of Bavaria had an important role amongst the great political players of the time.

Bavaria was a kingdom for over 100 years, from January 1, 1806 to November 8, 1918.

A road from Chicago to Lockport was named Archer Avenue, being named after one of the canal commissioners.

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