Home equity loans consolidating your bills

You can transfer the plan to another suitable property without penalty.If you decide to downsize in the future, you can repay the plan with the proceeds of the house sale.All of our plans are lifetime mortgages, where you continue to own your property.

With the price of petrol on a constant upward trend, people are looking to equity release to buy a modern car with an efficient engine – often getting up to 70 miles per gallon.5) Many people are using equity release to help their family get on to the property ladder.Think a loan might be right for your financial goals, but not sure where to start?Bankrate’s tools, rates, and tips make it easy to compare loans and find the one that fits your needs.If you release equity with Responsible, you are guaranteed to keep ownership of your property and you are guaranteed to be able to live there for the lives of you and your partner or for as long as you want to. You are guaranteed to keep the deeds to your property and maintain 100% home ownership.