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It can be quite vague and controversial to some people,” says Sun.To her surprise, there was overwhelming support from the public and the mainstream media interviewed her about the venture.UHS conducts campaigns every year to educate students on different sexual health related issues.“If it is more on relational issues like how to deal with requests for intimacy, students can approach CEDARS for assistance by professional counsellors”.Besides educating children with knowledge about sex, it is more important to for them to understand how love, marriage and sex relates to one another, and to teach them under what circumstances they should start a romantic relationship.

Apart from a lack of school hours, resources and the right people to teach students about sex, most people usually hold a traditional and negative view towards sex,” Sun said.-Traditional Hong Kong culture looks down on casual sex, even in committed relationships.-A 24 year old millennial named Julia Sun Wai-han is using tech to help young Hong Kongers learn about sex and it is working really well.“Talking about sex should be as comfortable as talking about food but the experience can be quite scary to young people even though it’s good for them,” Julia Sun Wai-han the 24 year old founder of Sticky Rice Love said.

Sticky Rice Love is the food name of a Chinese rice ball dessert that literally means “sugar will not come off” from dumplings made of boiled sticky rice.

But in this context, it is also an online sex education platform for young people in Hong Kong.