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Click on Options Now you can see the Microphone Volume Control, here you can increase or decrease microphone volume as per your need.However I am also unable to acces “advanced controls” so cannot enable mic boost…The problem was that i can hear the other person chatting with me but that person who is on the other side is not able to hear me.One of our readers submitted a problem: Fix: First of all, it is very important to connect microphone to the correct port on the computer.I tryed to search it up on Google, but all i got was how to fix mic software problems.I do go out, and I attend events where lots of people have the same interests as I do, but the trouble with such events is that you only see a particular side of these people, and nobody seems interested in getting to know what you are like outside that environment.

I did all the things up there : S But ihave noticed that that the mic records The songs i’m hearing !!4 p.m.: Attempts to go the gym prove futile as hangover from last night manifests itself in every way.Make plans for the night and convince another ex-banker to hit the bottle with me.Adventure in Camping lets you make your vacation fun and easy.