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Most analyses and most can deal with a few low errors in the middle of the read and what you do about such sequencing errors may vary depending on what type and use of the data. Even for the same library prep, the fwd/rev runs will have different quality curves. But in general, nobody wants the garbage at the end of the reads. I use cutadapt to remove low quality bases from my Illumina reads.

In modern Illumina data, it is quite often to see a Q8 base in the middle of high-quality bases.Real Dead Housewife of Seattle is the third episode of Season 2 and the sixteenth episode of the series overall. He introduces himself as a realtor and says that he has a client looking for a home just like Taylor's. Meanwhile, Liv and Ravi are surprised to learn that Peyton has returned to Seattle. Rich housewife Taylor Fowler is on the phone when a man, Alex Towne, arrives at her door.If you really want an N for each low quality bases within the read, you can make a simple program for that, but why would you need that?