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In recent decades Serbian authors have openly monopolized Croatian Cyrillic as an exclusively Serbian Script. A detailed palaeographic analysis of numerous epigraphic monuments found in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, related to inscriptions written in the Croatian Cyrillic, is contained in a monograph of Vinko Grubisic: "Grafija hrvatske lapidarne cirilice", KHR, Mnchen-Barcelona, 1978. The same name can be seen on the neighbouring leaflet, glued on the same page to the right, containing the table of Croatian Cyrillic, signed lisibly with the name of the same Opat Divinic.Some of the characteristics of Croatian Cyrillic are: We know of 18 Croatian Cyrillic texts (documents, prayers, letters) that are a part of the famous Bercic collection, held in the Russian National Library in St. These texts contain among others also interesting correspondence between Muslim officials in Bosnia and Croats. Especially interesting is the last character in the first line: it is the Croatian Glagolitic See a stone fragment (1640) from Modrus in Lika, inscribed with letters in Cyrillic and Latin script.The coexistence and parallel use of these three Scripts - Croatian Glagolitic, Cyrillic and Latin - is a unique phenomenon in the history of European culture.According to Croatian researcher Josip Hamm, members of the Bosnian Church (Krstyans) particularly appreciated the Glagolitic Script. The letter is written in cursive bosanchitsa script – a variety of Cyrillic used mainly by the Catholic and Moslem population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.This is a version from 1665, kept in the National and University Library in Zagreb.The oldest preserved version is from 1440., and it is known to have been based on even older manuscripts. Vladisic written in the famous fortress of Klis near Split in 1436 (transcription from 1448).One of the oldest such examples originates from Istria (St.Peter in the Wood, 12th century), where in one single word - Amen - all three Scripts are used!

There are also important palaeographic reasons, see [Benedikta Zelic-Bucan].Thus the notions of Croatian Cyrillic and "Bosancica" are equivalent.The name of the Croatian Cyrillic (or Bosancica) had the following genesis: , from Croatian Cyrillic to Latin script, with English translationn provided by Mr. Note the solemn Christian invocation "In the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (and other), a proof that Bosnia at that time was a Christain land.U obzir dolaze i razne perverzije, stariji ili mlađi, željni dobro razrađenih rupica.

The tradition of the Croatian Cyrillic Script goes back to the 12th century and lasted continuously until the 18th century, with sporadic uses even in the 20th century.

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