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Condo security guys are similar to hotel door security, they are looking out for the client.

I don't know who is paying that for someone their age. Now the girl get a fight with her neighbor and she afraid it was planted by her XBF. Police and Barangay get engaged in the fight, harassing her and her family as nasty that can be.I concur, the only problem is that there's a construction site opposite that is going pretty much 24 hours a day, so you need to ensure the condo you rent is on the far side of the building or sleep quality will be a problem. She comes from some town in the Visayas, about a 24-hour bus ride away from Manila.Haven't tried Aqua yet, but I know a lot of the Royal freelancers live there so it might be fun by the pool. She has three siblings and her mom died when she was four, while giving birth to her younger brother.So she had the baby and was confined to a life of poverty as an unmarried mother........ Anyone will be in Manila March 11-15, happy to catch up and hit the scene.

Just out of curiosity, I have seen a lot of talk about staying in Airbnb especially Milan, Gramaercy, Knightsbridge.

Otherwise hotels would be lesss hassle, just some of the Airbnb gives more of a homely feel haha. Knightsbridge and Milano are a touch higher-end than Gramercy.

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