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The Channeled Scabland was just one feature Bretz investigated. Pardee, contributed to the understanding evidence of great flooding and the glacial Lake Missoula through his research in the Montana basins.Return to: Table of Contents J Harlen Bretz and Joseph T.

The lake would drain rapidly and Pardee estimated the drainage speed at 15.3 km³/hr. The highest strandlines are at 1280 m and this would place the floodwaters at 635 m deep at the dam site in northern Idaho. 02 Strandlines on the hillside at Missoula, Montana, from the Late Pleistocene glacial Lake Missoula.Another lobe of the ice sheet, the Columbia River Lobe, dammed the Spokane Valley creating shallow Lake Spokane (USGS).Return to: Table of Contents An ice dam was formed when the Purcell Trench Lobe blocked the Clark Fork River in Idaho close to present day Hope, Idaho.This great flood created a distinctive landscape across Washington and Oregon that has been studied by many geologists.

J Harlen Bretz started a great controversy in 1923 when he suggested that a catastrophic flood created the Channeled Scablands of Washington State (Baker, 1995).

The lobes of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet would have been close to maximum extension during the Late Wisconsin glaciation 12,700 and 15,300 years B. Evidence in the Priest Lake area indicates this happened at least 14 times, causing catastrophic floods.

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