Intimidating facial features

I have been working since the age of 17 and have had at least nine jobs. I personally think it only works if the individual contacts you within a week. Would you hit up a girl you liked but couldn't I am a 22 year old female and have struggled with APD all my life academically and at the workplace.The dwarves of Tontatta Kingdom are widely regarded by the citizens of Dressrosa to be 'fairies', and no real attention is paid to them.In the past, they were enslaved by the king of Dressrosa, but when that king left the new ruler allowed the dwarves freedom, and helped the people believe that they were only a myth.Often, this is met by humans with returned racism towards the fishmen, sometimes leading to bloodshed.As a result of a long history of bad inter-species relations, humans tend to think of fishmen and mermen as nothing more than fish, and ignoring any chance of them being viewed as equals with humans.

There is an apparent problem with the non-World Government allied tribes.The alterations of other tribes' biology like this have yet to be explained.Human children may also drastically differ in size from their parents.Some humans can be born with abnormally long skulls, as shown by the likes of Strawberry and Chinjao, with the top of their heads being quite tall, however it appears this trait is not hereditary as Chinjao's own grandchildren lack this feature.

"Normal" overall lack any distinction from the various races of tribes in their world.

Almost a constant look in the eye, not too intimidating as if a stare, but consistent.

Intimidating facial features comments

  • V-shaped facial features are threatening? You must be joking profil de paulette60


    V-shaped facial features are threatening? You must be. Negative facial expressions are. emotions may be expressed by simple visual features.…