Intj intimidating

I won’t sweet talk you, I won’t lie to make you happy, I’ll stand up against you if I don’t agree with you.I have a lot of tiny little quirks that I don’t bother hiding. I’m fiery yet cold, logical but extremely passionate, practical but still dreamy.

I don't tend see them as masculine, but actually as fairly feminine just very determined and driven which is definitely a turn on.Personally I'm most attracted to an ENTJ or similar - they typically have better social skills (bonus for my introversion), can enjoy and keep up intellectually, and they don't take my bluntness too personally.Again, unfortunately, seems like the ones I fall for want a woman who's more socially normal and doesn't challenge them as much :/ My suspicion, being an INTP, is that the J will make the T more obvious, for one (so if the person isn't a 'hard'-T or are an F it might be scarey to them). I wouldn't be surprised is people initially put you under the classification of 'leader' (as I did to my INTJ) and if they don't want a 'leader' then they are scared off.I would imagine that for female INTJ it is equally (more?

) challenging to have female friends since a higher percentage of women tend to be F's than T's.

My best friend is an INTJ, and she and I get along extremely well. We're always talking and laughing about something silly, and working on projects together, and I enjoy her company.