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You can then add additional sites using the “Add a Website…” option near the bottom.

Also searching for “sexy pictures” with a Google search was blocked.Once you’re in, you cannot get out (it’s kind of like Hotel California). Just block any user and they cannot send you a message or Face Time (or call you, if you have an i Phone). Go to Settings have to add someone to your Contacts just to block them. Find the name(s) you want to block and click the small letter “i” for their info. Scroll down the bottom of this info screen and click on “Block this Caller”. In a lot of the pesky group i Message fiascos, an unknown entity is involved, like maybe a friend of a friend, or a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. Circle or draw a rectangle around any on-screen Buttons that might get the kid into trouble. Tap Enable Restrictions, and when prompted, create a passcode. The first section lets you disable certain apps and functions, such as Safari, the camera, and the ability to delete apps. You can also disable access to specific URLs, if you know your kids have a penchant for going to particular sites. Farther down the Restrictions page are more options for limiting what can and cannot be changed.

You'll also see instructions to circle the areas of the screen you want to disable. You can restrict the movies that play to be only G rated, for example, and you can make sure that adult-content websites aren't accessible.

There are a few settings inside i OS that let you lock down your device so that a curious kid (or a naughty friend) can't poke around apps that contain sensitive data.