Irina dating kiev

Right now my English not very good as I have no practice but I promise , I will start speaking fast in I have relations. I love traveling, as all people I think))And like cars, I know a lot abut them, as I was working in a car sphere for long time.I am a good psychologist, so that I can read people’ opinion about myself from their reactions.If they treat me well and are looking for my presence so that means they need me and it gives me motivation to help them and to be that part of their life that is really worth of their time.

Irina loves to accent her angelic beauty with dazzling jewelry and shiny lip gloss, which never fail to impress.Her principle interests, of this 32 year old crackerjack, are modern fashion and style, she often dreams up fabulous new apparel while at work as a seamstress.In her free time, she enjoys taking photographs of interesting places around Kiev, she also enjoys cooking for her friends and family, and has developed quite a skill.A word of caution: it may be impossible to say no to her large, puppy dog eyes and innocent expression.