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She was aged 15 at the time and had told the accused, the court heard.Garda Faulkner alleged that this did not discourage the man’s advancements and he came back by ferry every four to six weeks.

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She attempted to make the crossing to Liverpool to get an abortion, but was arrested and deported back to Ireland. You might also be interested in: Can We Talk About Ireland's Big Vote?It was alleged she engaged in conversation with the accused.It was alleged they exchanged details and communicated through Snapchat and Whats App.Other women are believed to seek dangerous back street abortions.

One horrific story saw an asylum seeker, who’d been raped in her native country, refused an abortion by the Irish health service.

Objecting to bail, Garda Stephen Faulkner said it was alleged the man frequently travelled over from the UK by ferry to meet the girl for sex and gardai have recovered videos of sexual activity from the defendant’s phone.

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