Is andy murray dating wozniacki

Let’s take a look at what this year’s event has to offer thus far: No Murray or Serena If you are still uncertain as what this game means to the players, Andy Murray is the player one should set his or her eyes on.Unable to feature in the Australian Open due to a long-standing hip injury, Murray left a heartfelt message on social media which would have left quite a few people sobbing.But the way she bounced back and put all of that energy, anxiety and tension back into her tennis, it's reaping so many benefits for her now. That three-year drought happens to coincide almost exactly with the length of her relationship with Mc Ilroy, but who's counting?"It's been a pretty up and down year for me," Wozniacki said after her quarterfinal victory, "and to be here in the semifinals of the U. Open once again is just an incredible feeling."ANALYSIS: TENNIS CHANNEL COURT REPORTEvert certainly understands Wozniacki's world, having dated Jimmy Connors in the 1970s while both were at the top of their games.In the short term I'm going to be staying in Australia for the next couple of days to see if my hip settles down a bit and will decide by the weekend whether to stay out here or fly home to assess what I do next.Sorry for the long post but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop and get this off my chest as it's really hurting inside.

He is such a great character to have in the sport and one would hope that we would see more of him at least for a few more years. Just wanted to write a little message on here for anyone interested in what in going through right now.Later, when she was married to golfer Greg Norman and he was in the mix at the 2008 British Open, it was laughable to see the sports media treat Evert more as a wife than what she truly was: the far more accomplished and proven champion, with 18 career Grand Slam titles to Norman's two. Then there was the ridiculous scene on the Jim Rome TV show in 1994, when, trying to insult then-NFL quarterback Jim Everett, Rome repeatedly called him "Chris." Everett became so angry he turned over a table. She's her own person, and she's doing great."Follow columnist Christine Brennan on Twitter @cbrennansports. Couple of seasons ago, who would have thought that these two will be the top contenders for the title?

The duo’s resurgence has hence caught everyone by surprise.

The top two players of the world will once again be the top contenders for the first major of the season.