Is dylan efron dating

I love you both") to overzealousness ("The most attractive couple I've ever seen OMGGGG") to just plain irrational ("THIS IS DISGUSTING LEAVE MY MAN ALONE").

Gigi blessings, NY nights with my girl Steffanie, and danced my face off with Alan Cumming.Dylan was a member of the class of 2013 at California Polytechnic State University’s San Luis Obispo campus, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.The hunk was definitely a stand-out student: his senior project called “Examining the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program” is prominently featured on the school’s website as “outstanding.” 2. While his big brother’s at home onscreen, it seems that Dylan has spent time on the production side of Hollywood. Dylan and Zac, 28, may be close now, but back in the day, the former wasn’t necessarily enamored of his older brother.There is a pivotal scene (we're playing it fast and loose with the term here, but just go with it) in which Zac's character, after being rescued from the terrifying ocean waters by Alexandra's character, bops her on the nose and says, "You care about me, and I care about you." That may have been in the script, but it seems as though everyone would sleep better at night pretending that it was improvised by a man in love.

Zac Efron sent his social media followers into a tizzy on Tuesday when he shared another glimpse at the “good genes” hard at work in his family.

The newly-single star wished little brother Dylan Efron a happy Sibling Day with a new photo – albeit three weeks late.