Is nicole scherzinger dating steve jones

I have about five producers screaming in my ear: ‘Steve shut up! If it weren’t highly illegal, I would lock her in a box in my basement and keep her there. But please don’t print too much on that, because you’re going to make my professional relationship with her awkward.” As for other relationships, he says that he’s single. She never mentioned that we were seeing each other. We have a definite brother-and-sister thing going on.” In England, Jones has a reputation as a ladies’ man, and he’s been photographed with starlets like Hayden Panettiere, Pamela Anderson, and Paris Hilton. “It was a very flirty interview and she played ball. “I don’t want to be down on the job, but it wasn’t for me.” He spent his early 20s as lead singer of a struggling band.When asked if he’s dating Nicole, Jones goes silent. Still filming, I saw her that evening at the premiere, and I gave her my telephone number on the back of a tube ticket. I’m still waiting for that call, by the way.” Jones has persevered through a string of odd jobs. “I think I’d choose a rock star over—dare I say—a host,” he says, revealing a dream to one day perform on The X-Factor.On another day, he appeared on TV not wearing any pants and exposed himself when he left the stage.“If they asked me to walk out on The X-Factor with my bum out, I’d do it in a second.” But his European sensibility can get lost in translation.

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He flirts with her whenever he can – and she just laughs it off." The source added: “Originally people thought Steve had his eye on Cheryl Cole but he once dated her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding, so neither of them would even go there.He went back to Wales and auditioned for a music competition show called Pop Factory, where he learned how to become a TV personality.On Britain’s Channel 4’s T4, he hosted a weekend talk show from 2003 to 2010.called him “utterly irrelevant.”But he’s learned an important trick to dealing with fame. I don’t think I need other people’s opinions, mean opinions. “When I interrupted Paula, she wasn’t mad at me,” Jones says. He cozied up to Angelina Jolie when she was his first celebrity interview eight years ago.

“I have never Googled myself,” he says, on a lengthy phone call from his new home in Beverly Hills. “It’s a two-hour show, and we’ve got to get through it, otherwise we’ll literally fade to black and won’t have any conclusions, and we can’t have that. I did not know that,” he says of the reports “We were just texting each other about the show last night. “I was totally over the top and cocky and forward,” he says.

Steve has plenty of eye candy on-set, but Nicole is definitely the object of some of his finest lines." Mr.