Is prozac activating or sedating

Some of these extra actions are useful some are not.

People who do pharmaceutical studies tend to avoid head to head comparisons of medications, for reasons that I’m not entirely aware of.At some point we decided to change to escitalopram, brand name Lexapro, a newer SSRI that has a high potency and somewhat less activation.After two months, the anxiety seemed to be a little worse if anything; certainly not improved.That’s exactly what happened with Prozac and all other psychiatric drugs. Every trial showed that it caused aggression amongst these normally calm and friendly animals, as could be seen by increased hissing and growling.

When I worked for the drug giant as a young, naive chemist, Prozac (fluoxetine) was being marketed to “correct a chemical imbalance.” Sales raked in enough profit to solve world hunger for decades to come. Plus, is Prozac going to be better than Mountain Dew and Oatmeal Cream Pies when it comes to taking the edge off a depressing day? Heck, does it beat a thickly rolled joint from a Volkswagen-loving hippie? My college roommates were pretty damn happy taking those drugs and nobody called ‘em a “breakthrough,” just awesome…Why would we need “Prozac? When the animals were taken off of the drug, they returned to their usual friendly behavior. But a loophole was devised to help get more positive results.

They ALL block the transfer of serotonin back into nerve terminals after it has been released at the synapse.