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As one of them says: 'But that was Mark — he was always pushing things on because he wanted to get there; he wanted to achieve the goal of getting them married.'Photographers came from far and wide to stake their positions, three deep, across the road from the side entrance to the Ritz.The shot they were waiting for — the first of the two of them together since Diana's death — came at the end of the evening, as Camilla and Charles stood briefly at the door. And, thanks to Bolland's gambit, public opinion started turning round.'What I noticed quite early on was the effect she had on the room.'You'd have a load of guests standing around drinking, and then Camilla would come in — and she really has whatever it is that men go for.The Press all criticised her looks and called her horrible names — but when you see her in person, she does have that je ne sais quoi, and they were like bees to a honeypot.

Early in the morning of her cold and blustery wedding day, Camilla was hiding under her covers — and no one could coax her to get up.Next, Camilla started turning up unannounced at public engagements, dinners and events where the media was present.'It was quite hard on her, people pointing and whispering, but she coped really, really well,' says one person close to her.Explaining the plan, Bolland told him that a story would be leaked to the Press, posing the question: has the Queen given her permission for Camilla to be invited?

So, on Janvrin's advice, the Queen's official reaction was that it was a private party, it was up to Charles to invite whomsoever he wished and she would not have expected to be consulted.

Having once been widely reviled as an adulteress, she was almost paralysed with fear. The gradual emergence of Camilla as an important part of the Prince's life had begun in July 1996, almost a year before Diana's death, when Charles hired Mark Bolland, then the director of the Press Complaints Commission, as his deputy private secretary.

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