Is tom brady still dating gisele bundchen

Eventually, Brady's suspension was upheld for the 2016 season.When the season started in the fall, Bundchen posted a photo of herself playing catch with Brady on Instagram, telling fans, "Don't worry guys.I will keep him ready." Finally accepting the suspension and putting Deflategate behind him apparently did wonders for Brady's career and his marriage.

The pic went viral, sparking debate on the importance of breastfeeding and the unrealistic expectations of social media.In celebration of their anniversary, the adorable couple took to Instagram on Monday, sharing never-before-seen throwback photos from their special day. 26, 2009 in Santa Monica, California, shared a sweet pic of the two sharing a smooch inside St. Monica Catholic Church."What a ride this past 9 years have been," she captioned it. She and Brady appear to have been committed to co-parenting from the very beginning.

Bundchen has made it no secret that she considers John one of her own, fondly referring to him as a "bonus child" in an interview with Brady and Bundchen attended their first Met Gala together in 2007, though they didn't pose for photos together on the red carpet (the picture above is from 2010).

"My husband cannot f*cking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time," Bundchen was heard saying on the video obtained by and reported by ESPN.