Itunes always updating library on boot

If you installed i Tunes 12.5.2, it’s almost certainly worth installing the latest version of 12.5.3, under the assumption that whatever the changes may have been, they were so small that it wasn’t even worth moving the version number to 12.5.4.If you have been having problems with i Tunes since updating to OS X El Capitan you may not be alone. Start i Tunes in Safe Mode to troubleshoot this problem.

We have no idea how these three versions might differ, but it isn’t related to anything you’ve done — Apple bears full responsibility for the confusion.I highly recommend letting i Tunes manage your media.Before you actually move anything, start by verifying or setting up i Tunes to manage your Music or Media folder.Now that we've set up i Tunes to manage the i Tunes Media folder (see the previous page), it's time to create a new location for the library, and then move the existing library to its new home.

If your new i Tunes library will be on an external drive, make sure the drive is plugged into your Mac and turned on.

Several Mac users have reported that i Tunes freezes up and becomes unresponsive.