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The Kryptonian scientist Jor-El is collecting data from an ice field on the planet Krypton.After obtaining the samples he needs, Jor-El escapes an earthquake and an attack from a Kryptonian creature.Billionaire Lex Luthor is giving a demonstration of Lex Corp’s latest robotic battle suit when it is suddenly stolen by terrorists.A super man, sporting blue tights and a red cape, emerges from nowhere to stop two of the terrorists.Brainiac reveals that he was aware of Krypton’s mounting pressure long before Jor-El did, but decided not to inform the populace, concluding that saving all the information about the Kryptonian civilization would be just as good as saving the civilization itself.If Brainiac were to be honest, the Kryptonian government would frantically put it to work on an evacuation plan, preventing it from downloading the data in time.If you’re 5’5″, maybe you shouldn’t set your sites on becoming an NBA center. Most other “limits” are cop-outs or relics of old misunderstandings about talent.

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