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published today: That supposedly Jacqueline Bracamontes' husband, Martín Fuentes, was caught in a compromising photo kissing another woman. The purported picture shows someone who looks like Fuentes passionately kissing a blonde.The publication also suggests that this isn't the only one of Fuentes' slips, shattering that perfect marriage image the couple tries to put out there. Jennifer Lopez's face does NOT look like this anymore If there's one thing that sets Jacqueline Bracamontes apart from other celebs, it's her efforts to put family first before everything--and that includes the way she loves her husband.Let's hope this isn't the case with the beloved Mexican star, who delights us on the small screen and in her real life as the devoted and loving mother and wife. If this news is confirmed--and I hope not--it would be extremely sad.Jacqueline Bracamontes is going through a very difficult time right now after alleged photos of her husband were published by a Mexican tabloid.I hope Jacky doesn't suffer because of these accusations--or if these turn out to be true.

Some of his celebrity idols include Eiza Gonzalez, Paulina Rubio and Amanda Bynes.Check out the tweet down below and tell us what you think!In the Mexican tabloid magazine we can see the 38-year-old getting close with an unidentified woman locking lips very passionately.Bracamontes has been flying to Miami as that's where the Univision reality show tapes.

The "Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo" star has not certified the authenticity of those pictures or weighed in on the scandal.

By the looks of it, the relationship does have some rifts but it's all speculation for now.