Java gui not updating

It simply has a method called add Row() and add Column() that would probably suit your needs and make life easier on you. Was about to write "Thanks for the reply server_crash, but it didn't seem to work....." when I realized I was calling revalidate(); on the instance of my table-containing panel class, not the actual table.For some reason it doesn't update on the first addition, but I think that's some weirdness on my end...something that I can fiddle around with.without creating a fresh policy, how does one fix this?

like this: ----------------- third log_______/\ second log_____| first log_______ | ----------------- I want to do the inverse...NBU 7.7.3i have daily, weekly, and monthly backup such, the daily should not be scheduled to run on weekends (Fridays) but mine is.Also, is it really necessary that you use the abstract table model?

I'm using default right now and it's much easier to use.

Each time it changes pages in the scan, it calls a method "change" in the frame holding the table with the filename as an argument.