Java scripts for updating web pages

This second, encrypted version of the main Internet protocol can provide you with a lot of cool features, including the asynchronous download of external files, most notably Java Script.While HTTP requires deep learning and an advanced knowledge of Java Script theory, HTTP/2 can make Java Script load faster. and you opt to use a CDN that doesn’t have a local server in your country (e.g., the Russian Federation), this will increase a page load time.These kind of minimizers not only delete unuseful white spaces, commas, comments etc.but also help to avoid ‘dead code’: , it will stop creation of DOM and CSSOM models while the Java Script is executed.For example, if you’re using the very popular bx Slider on your website and like CDN for j Query, to add bx Slider you could add this code to your HTML: As you can see, j Query is loading from the Google CDN but bx Slider is local.If we add async tag to the string, which includes j Query, it may create errors with the bx Slider if jquery.js is loaded before js.

To understand this point a little better, take a look at this code: Use caution if your Java Script must make some manipulations to the HTML or CSS, or if you’re loading a script in a strong order (e.g., j Query-dependent libraries).Because javascript is a textual file, gzip can be used to compress Java Script files and also help to decrease page load times.Check to see if your web server technology has support for gzip here: There are modules for some of the most famous web servers, including Apache and Nginx.All scripts with a defer tag will be loaded and run immediately Most developers use libraries like j Query UI or j Query Mobile as is.

This means that the code includes all possible components of each library, when you may only need two or three.

During the load of unoptimized page, chances are a user will see a “white screen” before the full page is then loaded.

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