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They tried to do long distance, but couldn’t stand to be away from each other.He got to the point of being teary eyed about it and I couldn’t tell if I should just up and run or bill him for the therapy session.” – Carol, 33 Pro Tip: First dates are NOT the time to delve deep into your past or to showcase all of your baggage!

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Showed she cared and didn’t expect it all to be on me. ” – Steve, 28 Pro Tip: Ladies, it is difficult at times to know what to do in these scenarios.But there’s nothing better than a woman that wants to contribute.It lets you know that they are invested as well in the date and aren’t there for a free meal.There will be plenty of time to explore all deep recesses of each other’s personalities and lives in the future, but don’t kill it with a trip down therapy lane right off the bat!

Dating in Jersey City is not exactly a walk in the park.

Later, we pressed some of the flowers into the book of poems written earlier that night.” – Mira, 44 and J. resident Pro Tip: Anything unexpected in the dating arena is usually welcomed! But being surprised with a gesture lets that person know that you truly care.