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In a recent phone interview, Chester said that he never considered staying in the career closet. That’s why I had a career.” He acknowledged that playing gay is now a good career move “if you want an Oscar.” Twenty years ago, gay filmmakers were ahead of the curve.When he made “Swoon,” he was 24 and very involved in AIDS activism — as was director Kalin and out producer Christine Vachon. But now, it seems, the entertainment industry is behind the times.He cited a few potential series opportunities in the works, but is also realistic.

One of the film’s stars, Luke Evans, who played Zeus, came out years ago in print.So far, Moretti’s visibility has mostly been on a couple of series that ran on the here! He had a supporting role on “Dante’s Cove” before taking a lead in “The Lair,” in which he played a gay journalist investigating vampires running a sex den.The shows had small audiences, but they helped the actor develop a core of loyal followers.They must “sell the fantasy” — one in which straight men want to be him and women want to sleep with him.

(Gay men, it would seem, have to want to both be him and sleep with him.) David Moretti is a part of a new breed of talented and handsome gay actors who wanted to be out from the get-go.

“You have to constantly sharpen your tools and hone your craft.” He indicated that the key to his success lies not in answering the question, “Can I act?