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Features See Demo“ We've been looking for ages for the right extension for our site and Easy Profile filled every criteria! The support is absolutely spectacular, they're incredibly helpful and quick!Want to see how it feels to build a website with Joomla? Just sign up and you will immediately receive a live Joomla website.Use the plugin parameters to select whether to render the date/year with Javascript or PHP then click on Save when finished.Then any instance of We advise using Javascript for the date and PHP for the year (and these are the default settings).Also Map Module can show only users available into User List page or found after search.The development of Easy Profile seen in seamless integration with Joomla API.You just have to get your hands on a copy of Easy Social today.

I know this is a long article, but trust me there’s some good stuff in here and it will be well worth your time to read!"It was a gruelling task of building the next best social networking extension for Joomla with over 14,000 commits.This is proof of how much dedication we had put in to give you only the best tool..." Andrew shares some of Easy Social's cool features: Easy Social is meant to support user interactions.Easy Profile integrates seamlessly into the native user management of Joomla. This plugin allows you to turn Easy Profile into a Social Network.