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JL: My first year was really difficult because I was very focused on getting work.I was going out to audition for everything under the sun.

The world met four elite gymnasts -- Kaylie Cruz, Payson Keeler, Lauren Tanner and Emily Kmetko -- on June 22, 2009, the premiere date for ABC Family's "Make It or Break It." The competitive athletes survived family drama, broken bones, heartbreak and more as they trained at Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center ("The Rock") in Boulder, Colo. When I got out there, I really wanted to join a sorority.So I rushed, and during rush, I booked a big guest spot on Cory in the House. What do you do to make sure your friendships and relationships are real?But the latest mystery is how Josie managed to pair the two-piece together, with the black-and-white printed top and the white and aqua bottoms being completely different.

The confident blonde has made a career by appearing on shows like Millionaire Matchmaker and Battle Of The Bods, but now she is hell-bent on showing off her bikini body any chance she can get in order to catch the eye of casting agents.

After appearing on the dating show she decided to call Playboy and asked for an audition because she felt, 'Jewish women are under-represented in the soft porno industry'.