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Recently came across this theory which suggests that those with Rh negative blood group might be the descendants of ancient alien astronauts. Around 85% of humans are Rh positive, which means they have Rh D antigen in their blood, only around 15% are Rh negative which means they do not have Rh D antigen in their blood.

However, our immune system is trained to ignore these self antigens (the antigens which are generated inside our body).Similarly if A or AB or B blood is given to a person whose blood group is O, then it will attack both A and B antigens. And it is for this reason that AB is Universal Recipient as the person’s blood will reject neither A or B antigens, while the O group is Universal Donor as it has no A or B antigens which can be rejected by the recipient’s body.So what about blood groups like B ve and O-ve which we keep hearing about?Most humans have Rh D antigen, and are hence Rh positive. So what caused this mutation where some humans stopped having this antigen in their blood? It is interesting to note that Rh -ve or the absence of Rh D producing genes is common in the European population, even though it is rare in rest of the world.

This suggests that there might be an evolutionary advantage in this European population over NOT having Rh D antigen, than having it.

So, if the father is Rh positive and mother is Rh negative, then extra care should be taken during pregnancy.

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