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Ahsha's teammate, Kyle Hart (Katherine Bailess), tries to bring him to his senses and reveals her own agenda as she explains how the world works and how she's making that world work for her.Ahsha's father, Pete Davenport (Dean Cain), knows firsthand how difficult that life can be as a former all-star player for the Devils.After its third season, The WB and UPN merged to form The CW, which then became the broadcaster for the show in the United States.Schwahn served as executive producer while also writing and directing for the show, including the premieres and finales of all seasons.

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Pete Davenport is about to find that out firsthand on Hit The Floor when his soon-to-be ex, Lionel, arrives at Devils Arena looking for him The divorce papers haven’t been signed yet VH1 is about to own your summer nights.The series follows Ahsha Hayes (Taylour Paige), the talented yet naive daughter of single mom Sloane Hayes (Kimberly Elise).She joins the NBA cheerleading/dance team called the Los Angeles Devil Girls.Hosted by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton Every week we see the cast bring the dramatic story lines of Season 2 Hit The Floor to life.