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“Oh, my God, Kathy Griffin and my mom are very close friends,” Cooper reveals.“My mom hangs out with Kathy much more than she hangs out with me.Finally, you spot the redheaded comic — all 5-foot-3 and 106 pounds of her — standing at the doorway of an enormous Mediterranean-style mansion that looks like it would be right at home on a Tuscan cliff."Welcome to my ---k-you house," she announces.Kathy Griffin, 57, shares the 13,000-square-foot residence with her 39-year-old boyfriend and tour manager, Randy Bick, and, during the day, a small staff of male assistants ("I like the idea of only having male employees," she notes). There's an elevator, a 12-car garage, an infinity pool with jaw-dropping views, a movie theater (her "gays" are coming by shortly to watch and eclectic decor (including a portrait of Griffin painted by convicted mur­derer Erik Menendez, a fan, who sent it to her from prison).Murphy underwent an additional surgery in July to get breast implants.© Copyright Sociedad Vascongada de Publicaciones, S. "We sat at the table and talked about it," recalls Griffin."We hashed out options, and they were trying to make me feel good — getting the laughs going because I was so freaked out."Many of Griffin's other famous friends, however, were not as understanding.

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Joan Rivers, Griffin's mentor, pushed her luck right until her death in 2015.It saddens me that she would choose to make such accusations at this time.I have no intention of engaging in a public debate over private matters.” Griffin, who occasionally cracked jokes during the interview (she even tried to get King to admit he’d had a facelift – he refused), said she has not been dating and has been putting all her energy into her work.Says Bick, who has dated Griffin since 2011: "It's been really hard.

It seems like everybody turned." On Twitter, Debra Messing compared it to "when people lynched Obama effigies." Chelsea Clinton called it "vile and wrong." Bick's brother, a former Marine, unfriended him on Facebook. But it was ultimately a pointed question from Griffin's longtime friend Rosie O'Donnell that convinced her the stunt was a mistake. " O'Donnell asked her, referring to the Griffin certainly is not the first comic to careen past the lines of acceptability and suffer the consequences — comedians have been pushing taste boundaries since Lenny Bruce got arrested in 1961 for using the word "c------ker" onstage.

“It’s interesting and weird at the same time.” But that openness is enviable, according to Andy Cohen, another friend of the mother-son duo. My mom is a Jewish mom, and [Vanderbilt] is a shiksa goddess,” Cohen shares.