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If an unmanaged client is written in C , it can be compiled with the Visual Studio .NET C compiler as a "mixed mode image." After this is done, the unmanaged client can directly access any managed API.

The CLR will take care of COM component activation and parameter marshaling.In order to do that, it is helpful to understand how the interaction between managed and unmanaged code works, and how the current guidelines apply to specific scenarios.Introduction to Interoperability Interoperability Guidelines Security Reliability Performance Appendix 1: Crossing the Interoperability Boundary Appendix 2: Resources Appendix 3: Glossary of Terms The common language runtime (CLR) promotes the interaction of managed code with COM components, COM services, the Win32® API, and other types of unmanaged code.Please note that these suggestions are very general and do not cover every scenario.

You should evaluate your scenarios carefully and apply development practices and/or solutions that make sense for your scenario.

NET, there is a third option: directly accessing managed functionality through C interop.