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Sometimes, it doesn’t go well and within a year you feel you are trying too hard to match upto the likings of the other person. Kunal: When you spend time away from a person, you value that person more and come back wanting to spend more time. I want someone to give me time and attention, care and concern rather than things. Kunal: Very early, I gave her a folder with poems and her baby pictures on Valentine’s Day. Soha: He would write songs for me and play them on the guitar. He is very good at it, he can write them in five minutes. So, if we plan a holiday, I can trust her to book the right hotel and make sure a car will pick us up. Anybody can get along with him because he is a very entertaining person. She’s a legendary actress and initially I was very nervous around her. Initially, people asked me, ‘you must be hanging out with Kareena and Saif,’ but that’s not the case because they are busy and it takes time for people to have their own relationship with somebody. ‘We are too lazy to be romantic’Actors Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu open up about their most romantic gestures, fights and family How would you describe your relationship? Initially, there’s a lot you get to know about a person and then you find yourself at peace with that person. Whether it is riding a bike or driving a car, being good at your job, being athletic or lifting weights, he holds firmly into the male category and that allows me to be a woman. How do you guys get time together considering you are shooting so often? You spend a lot of time when you can, you work it out. We are romantic at heart and thought and not in action. What is the sweetest thing you have done for each other? Kunal: I’m very fond of Saif bhai as I call him now.Here's the thing: Khemu's hair length is quite a stunner to begin with: just long enough to be passed off as Fall/Winter grooming move. And well, the slight one-liners on either side again, are straight weapons to define his jawline. Even a slightly messier (and wet) version of the cut doesn't look weird anyway (as seen below).In fact, with just a slight use of pomade (or even water, like most men do), this 'do can look gloriously spiky, you see. Kunal: I don’t think either of us started off our friendship with this at the back of our head that it will be a relationship some day. Even when the press had started speculating during Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge that we were going for press screenings and dinners together, we were doing all that, but it was just two people hanging out. As time progressed, we did understand that we really enjoyed each other’s company. So it’s good to do your own thing and then come back and spend quality time together. ’Soha: I don’t think I can show my love for someone by cooking food for them. Sometimes, it does happen that you are sitting in each other’s space forever, and you may get bored or you may snap about something and the other person may react. She’s not a gadget person, so it’s not like she wants this new phone ... I don’t think buying things is a gesture of attention. Kunal: She almost tried to cook a meal for me and then asked me, ‘how do I turn on the gas? Have you guys discussed about moving in or marriage? We live in separate houses but we spend a lot of time together so there is no pressure on us to take it to the next level.For another, there are a lot of thoughts in our minds, but to sum them up, let's say: this hairstyle looks like the solution to three big problems every man looks at finding a way around.Namely, non-prominent facial features, everyday laziness and the fact that they don't have a defined jawline. Not to forget, the slight fade on either side of his face is helping bring the focus onto his facial features, making them supremely prominent and worth the turn of a head.

It looks minimal, easy and very fresh (perfect for S/S).

Having said that, the actor's no random, ordinary guy out there.

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