King ms self consolidating concrete

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a thixotropic mixture, created by tailoring different materials and securing excellent deformability and adequate resistance to segregation to insure the exceptional rheology behavior of concrete [1].The industry has embraced SCC to overcome deficiencies related to consolidation, improve productivity, and enhance safety and quality.Due to the large deformation at the flowing process of SCC, an enhanced Lagrangian particle-based method, Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH) method, though first developed to study astrophysics problems, with its exceptional advantages in solving problems involving fragmentation, coalescence, and violent free surface deformation, is developed in this study to simulate the flow of SCC as a non-Newtonian fluid to achieve stable results with satisfactory convergence properties.Navier-Stokes equations and incompressible mass conservation equations are solved as basics.The recently developed Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH) method offers a glimpse of the future of fresh concrete flow simulation.Although SPH was first developed to study astrophysics problems [5, 6], it has exceptional advantages in enabling the simulation of flow and infilling behavior.

Firstly, it cannot measure the velocity divergence and pressure gradient accurately.To achieve such purpose, simulation may serve as an effective tool in the understanding as well as determining the desired rheological performance of SCC.While simulation is a mature science in homogeneous fluids, simulation of the flow of SCC is difficult because of the need to track the boundaries between the liquid and solid phases.The SPH method has advantages in solving problems involving fragmentation and coalescence and violent free surface deformation and has the potential to link rheology and the infilling behavior of concrete.

Therefore, the particle-based Lagrangian technique-SPH method is a promising method to simulate the flow of SCC as a non-Newtonian.

It has been used to study wave-structure interactions for Newtonian flow [7–9].

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