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While doctors have warned South Korean authorities that the most recent defector is too sick to talk yet, other defectors have opened up about the brutal regime in North Korea.A woman who served in the North Korean army has said that life was so tough for female soldiers they stopped menstruating and rape was common place.Lee So Yeon volunteered to serve when she was 17 in the army out of a sense of patriotism and for the prospect of regular, guaranteed food at a time, during the 1990s, when the country was undergoing a severe famine.'After six months to a year of service, we wouldn't menstruate any more because of malnutrition and the stressful environment,' she said in an interview with the BBC.Though women had slightly easier physical training, they were expected to cook and clean as well, from which male colleagues were exempt.This would happen over and over without an end.'Another defector revealed she watched as 11 musicians were blown to bits by anti-aircraft guns - and saw her teenage classmates dragged off to become Kim Jong-un's sex slaves.Hee Yeon Lim, 26, opened up about how the tyrant nonchalantly orders executions of people - including family members.I was asked by my friend to watch FTLY when it was first aired in 2014.. just finished watching the first time and gonna repeat it soon.. I freakin love this drama to death I'm so upset that I just discovered it about a week ago. So now, I have two favorite dramas : D (If anyone is wondering about my other one, it's "Kill me, Heal me"). just finished watching this drama and it was one of the best and highly recommended for romantic comedy drama. I want watch more again n again...sweet couple wif chemistry...beautiful drama..of actors on drama.. This FTLY show that K-drama can show the finished story of the character, surely I'm very satisfied from FLTY, they make me laugh so hard, and cry at the same time.. A colorful taste drama which is funny, touching and romantic. Awesome drama series with Rewriter, Director, Actors, Actresses, .. So Miyoung will cherish that moment on a very special sacred day once again she’ll say “I do”! Longing to watch episode 15 of course followed by episode sweet 16… The setting so uplifting and definitely entertaining! Their phenomenal acting and chemistry saved it from being a mediocre drama. I think it would have been one of the best kdrama rom-coms ever if it weren't for the second half where the story went around in circles. It occurred & drawn to our attention with provoking questions! 3rd – Will these two gorgeous gents, Gun & Daniel propose or declare and pronounce, the 3 magic words – “I Love you” to a precious gem Minyoung? The acting is done beautifully and each episode just seemed better than the last. To me.made the drama more unique in it's own category. Only you will laugh too...congratulations to script writer, very nice drama.... of course Jang Hyuk is Amazing - he's always great - but , he managed to impress me even more ! he has added so much Freshness and Humor to his role .... and it was not necessary in this scene , but the Amazing actor that he is , never breaks out of character and kept that angst inside him all along ....

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While she was herself not raped during her time in the army between 19 she said that many of her comrades were.'The company commander would stay in his room at the unit after hours and rape the female soldiers under his command.

They have been in a technical state of war since their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.

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