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The isolation is political as well as geographical as traditional Kurdish allies, like the US, UK, France and Germany, have opposed the referendum on Kurdish independence while near neighbours in Turkey, Iran and Baghdad are moving to squeeze the Kurds into submission.

For these and many other reasons, the reforms have elicited a mix of cautious hope and heavy skepticism from Kurds in Turkey and abroad.The Turkish minister for European Union relations, Volkan Vural, has said the bill reflects a resolve to "recognize cultural diversity and undertake to respect that diversity.” Regardless of what ulterior motives may lie behind them, on the surface the new laws constitute a profound shift in the government's position on the cultural rights of the country's largest minority, the 12 million indigenous Kurds.A mere decade ago, the simple act of speaking Kurdish could expose one to criminal charges of being a "separatist," and as recently as June the National Security Court handed four musicians three- to nine-year prison sentences for singing in Kurdish at a wedding reception.Acun was repeatedly denied permission to name his son Hejar Pola ("silent child" in Kurdish), and is now appealing to the European Court of Human Rights.

Students from several universities who petitioned before the reforms were passed to have classes taught in Kurdish were jailed, and some still await trial.

Despite the legislation's shortcomings, and Turkey's checkered record on implementing past reforms, the bill has led to progress that few would have expected just a few months ago.

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