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In the early phases of this struggle, as demonstrated by Bernard Lewis, Islam was more tolerant: In Muslim lands conquered by Christians, Christianity was imposed by force, and Muslims were sooner or later forced to choose between conversion, exile, and death; in Christian lands conquered by Muslims, Christians were tolerated alongside Jews as "People of the Book." One reason for this difference in attitude was that Muslims considered Christ a precursor while Christians considered Muhammad an impostor.In Muslim eyes, Christianity had some truth in it; in Christian eyes, Islam was completely false.[1] Today, the balance of tolerance has dramatically reversed: In the West, freedom of religion allows for people of all faiths to convince others that theirs is the one and only truth; on the other hand, in some Muslim societies, non-Muslims are prosecuted, and promotion of other religions is a punishable offense.In Germany, statisticians estimated that several thousand Christians convert to Islam every year.[2] In Spain, the number of converts reached around 20,000 in 2006,[3] and in the United Kingdom, perhaps 14,000 had converted by 2006.[4] In the United States, perhaps 20,000 to 25,000 people a year convert to Islam.The number of converts significantly increased in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack, although it is not yet certain that the conversion surge in the United States has continued.[5] While the data do not suggest that conversions can fundamentally change existing European demographics, they do highlight the challenge of conflicting values for Western democracies.Exact data on the number of converts to Islam in the West is incomplete because conversions are not always recorded.

Islamic scholars found that to ban or ignore mass Muslim migration would only alienate immigrants.“The creation of was truly a labor of love and admiration for what Meharry Medical School accomplished in a time of immense upheaval,” Seth Panitch said in a statement.The conversion of Christians in Europe and the United States to Islam has become a matter of debate in some Western countries.Freedom of religion guarantees every person the right to convince or be convinced that a different faith than his own is true; however, some Muslim converts reject the very liberal foundations that allow them to operate freely.

And the same Muslims who accept conversions to their faith may not accept conversion away from it. Department of Homeland Security now requests pre-screening even for travelers from countries not requiring visas prior to travel to the United States.[6] Many Sunni scholars urge their co-religionists in the West to spread the word of God actively.

Only one medical school in the country will accept Rosenberg: Meharry Medical College, a legendary all-black school in Nashville, Tennessee.

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