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Prince Jae-ha (Lee Yoon-ji) and King Jae-kang’s younger sister.

“Lee Jae Ha ( Lee Seung Ki) is a handsome and materialistic crown prince that doesn’t care about politics.After Sun-Hee heard the band's music she asked Seung-Gi to pursue music professionally, but at the time, Seung-Gi did not know who Seon-hee was and declined her offer. The i - Phone Apps Provides a large numbers of value added services to its customers. A great project, but please, I want an album first. Airens will always have your back hi I have been watching as much as possible your shows here in Canada , I think you are great and I am not a young girl but a 57 year old mother with 5 kids Gu Family Book was fantastic to watch ,, I love Korean made shows. Bcuz of Suzy, i watched Gu Family Book n i first found Seung Gi oppa has got a big nose n long lips. I look forward for more of your acting projects, knowing you'll end up having awards,soon. I watched this drama because of the most times I saw Seung-Gi ssi face in social media and Kdrama sites. 我心中只有你 希望你过得幸福 我也希望可以真正的看你唱歌 你长得很帅 Why did it take me so long to watch Gu family book??? hope you have another series to come, looking forward to that, saranghae!!! how you talk, although I do not understand but I love all your movies, I've seen all your movies, I hope there is your latest movie in the 2014's, success always :) Hi... One thing hobby the same way i like ,l used to listen love songs. He can only get better and more handsome than he already is. I love watching your dramas specially My girlfriend is a gumiho and Gu family Book. i admired you a lot when i watched brilliant legacy and my GF is a gumiho. So I looked you up and then watched shinning inheritance. Keep being great and I hope to see a new drama from you soon. You have many people who love you so much, especially me :**** Oppa, when your drama "gu gamily book" going to the end, really, I'll be sadly.When he got home and told his mother about Lee Sun-Hee, his mother explained how popular she was in the 1980's and Seung-Gi decided to work with her. In both cases, you should change your IP gain access to these blocked sites. I hope it's true that LSG's comeback is next month! just watched You're all Surrounded but I must say I missed the laughter and smiles you had your other show. I've got know him for like a many years and i also watched strong heart for some episodes based by the guest. I feel sorry for his leading ladies.(I love them) I feel sorry for Moon Chae won now.:( just my thoughts since I was annoyed with him in MGIAG, GFB, BL I am hoping & praying that Lee Seung-Gi will be paired with Yoon A in one of the future drama or movie. But after i reached ep 5 of Gu Family Book, i found Seung Gi oppa became more handsome with his emotion n manly acting. I will keep finishing his drama all ^^ I like Seung Gi oppa a lot... I'm a Filipina based in UAE now, and this girl loves you. Was curious if he can act well,if he's not just a lovely man's face I see? I'm older than him but still is attracted to Seung-Gi ssi. :) I hope this message will up been to you and dear producer,staff or page creator please give this message to Lee Seung Gi because I'm just a little girl with a big dreams of Lee Seung Gi. watched MGIG and you will feel the chemistry of them and also i really really miss them so much I first saw him at "King 2 hearts" and i really thought how awesome he is... Dearest Seung Gi , just watched K2H....truly enjoyed the lovey dovey chemistry you had with HJW ;-)). Will continue to watch more of your shows, my dear LSG ! I wish someday i would like to sing his song from my heart. I am myanmar citizen Seung Gi younger brother( maung lay). I hope you have more dramas to come with bae suzy because I really like you two together. Hi Lee Seung-Gi, I just finished Gu Family Book & loved it. I have seen a few of your dramas (Brilliant Legacy, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and The King 2Hearts). I’d love to see more of Choi Kang-chi with a futuristic twist. i've come to watched these dramas all over and over again. Because even though I don't watch historical dramas if you were in it I would watch it. I have watched Lee Seung Ki in Brilliant Legacy (shining inheritance), my girlfriend is a gumiho, king 2 hearts and Gu family book (Kang Chi- the beginning). because I can't watch your amazing act, your good looking face too of course, again.She has a somewhat naughty sense of humor, which once got her arrested by Eun Shi-kyung (not knowing her true identity) when she dressed down and made fun of her royal self.

However, she is paralyzed after her brother Jae-kang’s death and her kidnapping.”“The main antagonist, Yoon Je-moon as Kim Bong-gu (John Mayer), a magician by day, an arms dealer, a terrorist mastermind, and an assassin by night.

With the exciting and happy return of popular actor Yoo Seung Ho following his military discharge, it has begged the question, what other Korean male celebrities are expected to enlist next year in 2015?

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