Leeteuk and taeyeon dating

She always feel bad and the worse is she doesn't has anyone to share the problem with.It's not that she doesn't has, but she doesn't want to.The once bullied, girls, came back to take revenge. Fortunately, they were group of people & kids survived and running into the woods to save themselves.It’s in between the pages of my journal where my most precious moments with you live. What will happen if the genius in school, meets the school's number one dork and live together?But oh my, did Baekhyun and Chanyeol appear on the same show together??? if an idol came out as gay there would be a scandal…. y'all just really expect them to die alone if they don’t get together with the person you want them to??? and you came to this conclusion because they act a certain way on camera…Ughhhhhh then why doesn’t SM get their other artists to date women?

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Struggling t Super Junior and Girls Generations' puppy love...Every family has a past, a history that makes them who they are.Some have ancient lineages while some boast of having ROYAL connections. They talk as if they date only 1 man for their entire life.

Also its not like their "oppa" never dated before and act like a virgin for their entire life its just they never been caught yet.

But what will happen if her fairytale life suddenly crumbles down and she finds herself fearing the same people she once held so dear.