Leftist dating

Debating the election is one guaranteed way to get hot and bothered, and if you're curious how you'll fare using personal punditry to get some action, look no further than the internet's latest political dating sites.Match's recent Singles In America survey found that 47 percent of Millennials wouldn't date someone with different political beliefs, and that one in three Millennials feel it's best to talk politics on a first date to get it all out on the table.Oh and I'd like to remind his clients that their CPUSA and Democrat Party membership cards are good for a 10% discount at all participating Planned Parenthood clinics.Until OKcomrade gets it's own website, lovelorn Cubists are encouraged to visit Blur Brain and checkout a number potential mates.Is it really that important in a relationship for you to both vote the same way? In a short space of time, most people came back saying they “couldn't countenance anything personal with an extremist of any sort.