Leo and aquarius dating

Leo can't help but walk with his shoulders back and head held high, and it's this very regal and dignified manner that often first attracts potential partners.Leos need to be in the center of attention, and they absolutely love having all eyes on them.Most Leos know when they’re on to a winner, though, and will make allowances for Aquarius simply because they’re so besotted with the Aquarian genius – but if a Leo gets too demanding, it will be Aquarius who calls time on this partnership.A Leo and Aquarius love match is an intriguing one because both signs are rich in their complexity.Socializing with friends and loved ones comes quite naturally to this sign, and Leos wilt if they are not mingling and having fun.However, this carefree and exuberant attitude does not mean that Leo is not smart.) and will admire Leo’s easy grace, social skills and dignity.

Aquarius not only won’t appreciate the money you’re spending, but will quickly tire of the glamour and the social nicety of it all.

The biggest potential problem for Aquarius and Leo compatibility is when Leo decides to play the royalty card and begins to demand adoration and attention at a level Aquarius is not prepared to give.