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We also assumed that, when a name/gender combination was missing in the SSA’s data in a given year but appeared in a prior or future year, there were two babies registered with that name (rather than zero), since the actual number may have been anywhere from zero to four." We can run these calculations for any name in the SSA’s database — for instance, for the 25 most popular male names since 1900.Thus, while a quarter of living Annas are younger than 14, another quarter are older than 62. Eva, Mia, Sophia, Ella and Isabella might be friends with Mason and Liam in their kindergarten classes.

We accomplished this by looking up Census Bureau records for the total number of live births in the U. We assumed that these extremely uncommon names represent 1 percent of the total of all births.

However, there are some exceptions — most notably Anna, which is a remarkably well-enduring girl’s name. (The charts that follow are restricted to birth names given to at least 100,000 Americans of a particular gender since 1900.) By contrast, the majority of living Hermans, Howards, Harrys, Harolds, Harveys and Herberts are in their 60s, or older.

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