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I am a very nurturing animal lover so it’s important that you love animals as well. I'm an intellectual but in the ways of math and science. I would love to meet that person who can enjoy hanging out in my backyard, smoking a bowl (or not), and doing art projects or simply just talking and watching the grass grow.I love having meaniful conversations that are face to face... I'm updating this because it makes me sound like I have money and I'm attracting takers so just to let everyone know that I'm not rich.

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Also I have no idea what my waist or hip measurements are. To start with, an aspiration and dream of mine is to buy property in Hawaii.Mary’s is definitely a fun place to start off a night on the town. Rock Bar (3015 East Colfax Avenue) I have to laugh as I type this.Sputnik (3 South Broadway) Are you a queer lady who loves hipsters? It’s got cheap drinks, tasty appetizers and the very best people watching. Most people hear it and think of the Santa Fe Art District Art Walk, a beautiful, artsy evening filled with galleries and artists. Rock Bar is so dingy and gross at 8 pm that you’d question even going in but I swear to you, after a few beers and a few hour’s time, Rock Bar transforms into a super secret awesome queer dance party! I moved to Denver in the fall of 2010, came out a year later (what can I say? A couple of months ago, my veteran lesbian girlfriend realized that we sucked at hanging out with the queer folk, so we decided to do something about it.