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When you narrow it down even further, Maxim’s Top Ten ladies carry an average of 28 but Autostraddle’s Top Ten picks average out to 35.5.Furthermore, 55% of Autostraddle’s top 20 are 30 or over, as opposed to 20% of Maxim’s list.In 2016, she was nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism. There is a new dating site ready to help mature lesbians who are looking for young Sapphic love.

The fact that queer women are more aware of this than the heteros is simply another piece of evidence that queer women are smarter and better than everybody else and if we were in charge, everybody would feel a lot better about themselves!Answers provided to questions about the attractiveness of humans at various ages apparently lead to some interesting results within the “LGBT population” (although I can assume due to my familiarity with this fantastic world of ours that they’re probably just referring to Ls and Gs and maybe Bs and didn’t account for the fact that “transgender” is not a sexual orientation), according to a press release shoved into our boxes this morning.We’ve yet to see the full survey or learn how many queers were actually surveyed, but take a gander at the following lines copy-pasted from said press release: The survey also found that 84 percent of all men and 91 percent of all women surveyed think “women are under more pressure to look young than men.” So in addition to being more open-minded about who we’re attracted to, queers also seem to feel less pressure to look young.As survey also found that men believe “female beauty peaks at 29” and women believe it “peaks at 31.” As a 31-year-old who believes solidly that I peaked at 23 or maybe at 11, I found this surprising.