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Distance is required when speaking to other people, especially when you are talking with someone of the opposite gender. Libyans usually make eye contact as a sign of paying attention and respect to the speaker.When speaking with the opposite sex, continuous eye contact is not recommended either for a Libyan or a foreigner.If they have kids, you should ask questions about them. Work related discussions should not be too long especially if it is a non-related work meeting. Religion because if you start on that subject, certain Libyans might just decide to try to convert you!Questions like “what part of Libya (village/town) are you coming from? Some may even speak negatively about your own religion although most well-educated Libyans will not venture that far.

However, foreigners should know what topics to bring up when meeting Libyans.On some occasions one might see the same sex persons hug or kiss the other person‘s cheek; this is not a sign of homosexuality.Some of the Libyan people use hand gestures to express themselves.Humour is always good; however, try to stay away from sexually explicit type of humour.

Humour about politics (especially if it involves Americans) is always well received, but do not tell a joke about the current political system in the country.

Talking about the weather is a good topic to start with, especially the hot weather in summer and how to get away from it by enjoying the splendid Libyan beaches.

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