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We are starting with hookers first, if you don’t like paying for sex then skip to the bottom or check out this post on meeting a good woman in Manila.The easiest place to find girls for sex in Manila is the girly bars.Most of the manosphere knows about the great potential when it comes to finding girls for sex in Manila these days.

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There are plenty of links throughout this page that will take you either to more in depth write ups or to specific venue’s websites where you can find maps and more info.Sometimes this will get you a lap dance, or you might just sit and talk.That kind of depends on both you and the girl, be sure to confirm ladies drink prices before you buy as they can be costly.If you see one you like you can barfine her to take her back to your room for the fun to commence.

You can also buy them a ladies drink to have them sit with you.

These are some of the Philippines' most desperate people, the thousands of Manila slum and shanty town dwellers forced to live in makeshift homes hastily built from scrap in the areas most at risk from to natural disaster.

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