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Section 205(b) of the Act further authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to grant extensions of time to meet the minimum standards of the Act when States provide adequate justification for noncompliance.States must ensure the physical security of facilities where driver's licenses and identification cards are produced; and the security of document materials and papers from which driver's licenses and identification cards are produced.As discussed above, effective May 11, 2008, Federal agencies are prohibited from accepting for official purposes state-issued driver's licenses or identification cards unless an issuing State certifies, and DHS determines, that it has met the mandatory minimum requirements of Sec.Several States have implemented--or are working to implement--legislation prohibiting their Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) from complying with the requirements of the Act or any related implementing regulations issued by DHS.Minimum Driver's License or Identification Card Data Element Requirements J.Security of DMV Facilities Where Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards are Manufactured and Produced N.In balancing the operational needs of the States against the security responsibilities of DHS and the Federal Government, DHS has decided to allow States to obtain an extension beyond December 31, 2009.

]] DHS has identified eighteen milestones, captured in the ``Material Compliance Checklist,'' that States must certify they have met in order to obtain an extension of the compliance deadline beyond December 31, 2009.The Material Compliance Checklist is available at DHS' Web site at gov.The eighteen milestones are all mandatory requirements under the Act; one of the most important ones, however, is the State's ability to verify that the applicant is lawfully present in the United States.The Act does not, however, give DHS the authority to waive any of the mandatory minimum standards set forth in the Act.

Section 202(b) of the Act directs that REAL ID-compliant licenses and identification cards must include the following information: (1) The person's full legal name, date of birth, and gender; (2) The person's driver's license or identification card number; (3) A digital photograph of the person; (4) The person's address of principal residence; (5) The person's signature; (6) Physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the driver's licenses and identification cards for fraudulent purposes; and (7) A common machine-readable technology, with defined minimum elements.

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