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In these two periods the factors which drive women (and much smaller numbers of men) to sell sex have been transformed.The notion of “sex work”, that selling sex is a job like any other, emerged in the 1970s through prostitution advocacy groups in the US such as Cast Off Your Old Tired Ethics (COYOTE).For example, Ana Lopez of the GMB union and the International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW), calls prostitution a “positive choice” for women.The IUSW website argues that prostitution can be empowering for women: People gain personal strength from selling their bodies because their clients worship and admire them, they have as much sex as they want and defy traditional mores and roles imposed on them.This article does not suggest that sex work is “a job like any other”—however, the term sex work will be used, first because it avoids the moral condemnation often attached to the word prostitute.Second, this term is used because women who directly sell sex on the streets, in flats or in brothels are only a subset of a much larger number of women who work in the sex industry.

Over the last two years the University and College Union (UCU), the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Unison have taken different positions on this debate.The modern sex industry is a multibillion dollar industry, which generates huge profits for both transnational corporations and criminal gangs.The sex industry is difficult to define because it encompasses a huge range of diverse activities.These include GM Motors (through Direc TV), Time Warner, News International (Echo Star satellite, AT&T) and hotel chain Marriot International.

In a world where everything is for sale, activities such as lap dancing, which were once viewed as oppressive to women, are now accepted as mainstream leisure opportunities.

The debate on “sex work” has divided the trade union movement.

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