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She is very down to earth and this proves what a great human being she is.She went to the Stanford University for her education and she played for the team there as well.After that there was no turning back for her and her team and they won it again in the year 2010, 20.She was not lucky enough to win gold in the Olympic Games and she had to settle for a silver medal.Every day he was the first person on the set and the last to leave. I was the assistant cameraman on the shoot so I saw up close how he molds performances....a real director, not like the "traffic cop" director's i'm used to. He seems to know so much about every subject in films. Jill Watkins In Atlanta on set with Tom Logan as director. He thanked each crew member at the end of each day and greeted everyone every morning on set. The crew said he played some innocent, funny joke on every single member of the crew. Tom, this is sheila, your script supervisor in New York City. If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment.

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