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His spirit rusheth forth upon Microprosopus, and they call it the Giver. the Cosmic Christ (= Betty) is of the nature of Kether and the Macroprosopus. Betty & Veronica are positioned as Chokmah and Binah.She was flowing away, 'flowing into immensity,' and in danger of perishing, when the Christ dwelling on high took pity on her, and having extended himself through and beyond Stauros (the boundary fence of the pleroma) he imparted a figure to her, but merely as respected substance, and not so as to convey intelligence. This woman with the issue of blood they said was their twelfth aeon, and this number was represented by the twelve years. The Christ imparted a figure to her, but not a living likeness, and this corpse-like portrait has been preserved by the Italian and Spanish painters.(Gerald Massey) Helen of Troy's reflected image is unveiled within the Darkness, but the portrait is in external form only, and is thus lifeless.Abba and Imma (the Celestial Father and Mother) are mates, who alternately engage in "face to face" relations or turn their backs upon one another.

The state of their relatedness, which is at least in part dependent upon the worship and ethical deeds of humankind, has a major impact on the flow of divine energy throughout all the worlds.

These are, so to speak, all merely the delusions that arise upon the surface of Veronica's Veil: Irenaeus also shows that the Gnostics claimed the woman who suffered from an issue of blood to be their own Sophia who was healed by Horus the Christ. In the apocryphal gospels the woman who had the issue of blood is identified as , she who received the likeness of the Lord pictured on a napkin or kerchief, which is still on view in Rome.